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Past Events

Celebration Festival.

The dance seemed to go really well until the end of the night When Shiyko came along, kidnapped Rina with big nasty doggy thing ra ra! Then a sniper shot Martine and we didn't find them which looks really bad on our part! ......we had some trouble with Project 62 to put it slightly. Our hearts go out to Martine and everyone at Garden hopes you get well soon!

Anyway events of the night before all this crap started!!  This wasn't just a dance, it was a historical events. For as Martine explained all five gardens have not gathered together since the end of the Sorceress war. In his very emotional speech he gave thanks to all the hard work that everyone had achieved. But he also brought Freesia Becker to the stage. Our girl who kicked Phoenix Ampiere's butt! He gave her promotion and said what everyone thought of her. Told her that forever would she be remember by all as the girl who never lost hope....and succeeded. It was extremely emotional and for the first time since Alex Fosters Funeral we saw Freesia cry. Oh man I was in tears!!

Balamb Gardens band "Unreal" won "battle of the bands!" Which they deserved because they really where cool!

(and from what gossiper Lauren says Love is in the air....I say no more other than aww its sooooo cute!! )

Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival had to be the most popular festival of them all! And again although we had some trouble (Which wasn't unusual since Project 62 where on a rampage!) It was a very enjoyable night where everyone in Lunar Garden could relax and forget about what was going on around them.