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Its me again Lauuuurrreeeennn!! Here I'am with some more juicy gossip!

Ok firstly today I heard that Rinoa, you know sweet ikkle Rinoa has been attacked while she was in Timber! I bet it was those bloody b**tchs at the celebration dance! Grrrrr!! GET WELL SOON Rinoa! 

I also heard that Martines pretty stable. That's nice to hear. I just hope he gets better. We are all really worried about him.

Everyone's really snappy around garden lately, and who can blame them!? We are all trapped inside garden like bloody animals and aint allowed out! Of course everyone's gonna be snappy! I walked into the infirmary yesterday and Doyle snapped! Bumped into Ihorua and he snapped! Man we all need to ccccchhhiiillllll!! 

My advise for the day............................Hug!

Hug someone! Anyone! We all need to stick together during this hard time and I knnnnooooww its hard not to snap but just remember, that everyone is in the same boat.

Man we really need to do something about community moral! Everyone is so sad. Its easy enought talking to each other but with so much bad news around I don't think people know what to do with themselves. Maybe I should get our house band "Nascan" to do something. A small concert or something......ooooh idea! BYE!

Lauren xx