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Name: Alex Foster (Deceased)

Age: 18

Height: 6.3

Weight: 12 stone

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Weapon: GunBlade

Limit Break: Rising Sun/Shooting Star/Fallen Angel

Alex came to Lunar when he was 16 looking for adventure. His main reason for joining was he had a strong need to help people. He became a well known fighter. Ask anyone in Lunar and they will tell you! He seemed to have a natural knack of making friends and everyone loved him! It wasnt long before he met Freesia and instantly fell in love. They spent the next two years together growing closer by the day.............................................But good things come to an end.

During a date in Esthar city while walking in the back streets Freesia was mugged. Alex ran after the thief...and that was his fate. Simply knocked down in cold blood. Freesia ran in the direction he was in and found him crumplied on the floor. The rain continued to pour, and the murderer simply left. Alex died in her arms.



"We are all mourning over the death not only of a fellow student.....but a dear friend, one we can never replace. His kindness and courage we shall miss. Lets us pay respect one more time." Headmaster Martine

"Alex was such a great friend...he was a great friend to us all. I cant bear to think what your going through Freesia but we all give you out love and support during this hard time. He will be found, we will stand up to the Project. We have to should them we are not scared."