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This is a post i wrote for Alex and Freesia. Sort of a final episode kinda thing where you know what happened the day Alex died Alittle bit of fan fiction in a way. Kinda soppy but hey! I guess i should of done this earlier as it shows what Freesia went through and why she's so afraid to get close to people.....oh well!

And besides....i'am bored lol

Carmel (Freesia)



Apparamtly President Loire thought Esthar needed a small park or somewhere for the children to play. The citizens didnt argue, because for once it was nice to see water, hills and grass instead of Technolgy.

"I love this place"

"I know" Alex replied, putting an arm around Freesia, "Thats why i bring you here."

Freesia sighed softly, resting her head on his shoulders. It was a warm summers eve. The stars glistened in the waters below and the wind blew lightly through the trees.

"I suppose we should get going or Martines gonna yell again"
Alex smiled, gently brushing his hand over her hair. "Just a while longer."


"Oh i almost forgot!!" Alex sat up quickly shuffling through his pockets.


"Close your eyes" he grinned.

Freesia frowned, then shrugged closing her eyes.

"Ok you can open them"

In her hands was a small silver locket with an engraving of an angel.

"Aww Alex..."

"Read the back" he interupted, grinning like a school boy.

I've fallen in love with an angel

She glanced up at Alex, her eyes filling with tears. "Thank you"

Alex smiled helping to put it on. He took hold of her hand as she turned around.

"I cant imagine life without you, I just cant." he said looking straight into her eyes, brushing loose strands of hair from her face "I dont want to think of life without you..."

"You'll never have to!!" Freesia intterupted,placing a hand on his face "So dont ever talk like that ok?"

He smiled, closing his eyes, "Ok i'am sorry" He leaned forward, "Together forever" He asked, showing bright blue eyes.

"Forever" she whispered, placing her lips gently on his.


"What time is it?"

"9:30, Martines gonna kill us!!"

Alex laughed, "We could go down the backstreets."

"I didnt know Esthar had backstreets."

"Sure it does, it will take us to the car quicker"

"Worth a try"

"This way" he said, pulling her along. There was a small alley leading behind the restuarants. Basicly it just went all the way down to the outer ring of the city. "We should get there in about 10 minutes"

"I'am suprised Martine hasnt grounded us" Freesia joked,

"I doubt it would stop us"

Suddenly she heard something behind them making Freesia jumped. "W..what was that?" she walked in the direction of the sound, "Ello?"


Before she could react, a cat jumped from the fence, shrieked then ran like lightening down the alley. Alex couldnt help but laugh.

"You ok?"

"'Stupid cat!"

Alex giggled then put his arm back around Freesia. "Your jumpy?"

"Theres something about this place i dont like."

Alex squeezed her tightly, noticing her fear, "Dont worry Will be out of here soon"

They carried on walking, but Freesia couldnt help but be on guard. She'd left her weapons at Lunar, mainly because the holster didnt look right with the white dress and last time she wore her holster and pistols she got the strangest looks. Now she just wished she had them. Luckly Alex had his weapon at hand which was some comfort.

"You really are freaked out" he soothed, "You ok?"

"Lets just get out of her."

Then it started to rain...

"Oh goody, like things cant get any worse!!" Freesia groaned,

"Will be back soon" he replied, speeding up his pace.

They turned a bend, realising the dim light at the end of the alley. "At last" She quickened her speed, just so she could be in the public eye again. Standing on the sidewalk she sighed with relief.


Suddenly she was knocked to the ground, hitting her head on the wet pavement. At first she thought she had slipt, then looked up to see a figure of a man speeding off with her bag.


Alex sprinted up to her, checking her wound,"Ohh that looks nasty, you ok?"

"Feel dizzy"

Alex growled, picked up his gunblade and began to walk off.

"Alex. no its ok"

He didnt listen. He was more annoyed someone had mugged his girlfriend! In a sense, he wasnt really thinking straight...Just angry!! "You stay there"



He sped off after the thief almost slipping in the rain, "Oy!"

The thief carried on, with no intention of stopping.

"I'd stop if i was you!!!" Alex cluthched at his gunblade raising it in the air. What he wasnt expecting was the thief to stop.

He had his back to him, just standing still.

"Now what?"

"Look mister gimme the bag!!" Alex screamed, stepping alittle closer. "Or i'll take it by force!"

"What makes you think i want the girlies bag?"

Before he could answer, the thief spun around and......

Alex caught his breath, not sure what just happened.............................Then spotted the dagger driven in his chest..............................................He glanced up at the thief, his face showing nothing more than pleasure.....................................

"We've had eyes on your little girlie for awhile."

His grin widened as he watched Alex cringe in pain,

"And now your out of the picture, things will be so much easier"

He quickly drew out his dagger....................................and watched as Alex crashed to the ground.


Freesia sat up, clutching her head. She glanced down at the blood stain on the pavement.


She stumbled to her feet, groaning. The dizzyness kicking in.than built up to a run, franticly looking around her. Then she froze. Ahead stood a tall figure, she couldnt make out who it was. "Alex?" Lighting flashed again, and when it cleared, the figure was gone. She crept forward, then stopped. "Oh please no" She ran forward and knelt down, there on the ground lay a bearly consious Alex. She brushed hair off his face. "Alex?"

He groaned, "Freesia"

"Shut up man, save your energy." ripping off a piece of her dress, she tried to stop the bleeding. Tears streamed from her eyes.

"Tell me who did this." Before she got a reply, he closed his eyes, and passed away.

"Alex, wake up!" she screamed, shaking him. "Alex please wake up." She picked him up hugging him tightly as she buried her head. Then she noticed his gunblade. Laying him gently down, she kissed his forehead, then grabbed the gunblade running into the distannce after the thief.

"Hey!!" she screamed, holding the gunblade up in the air.

The stranger slowly turned around and gazed at Freesia. His stare cold and emotionless. "Yes?"

"You think you can just get away with that?"

"Dont mess with me little have no idea who your dealing with"

"Little missy?????!! I'am gonna leave a scar you wontr forget!!" Freesia screamed, then charged at the thief without a second thought.

The man smirked, grabbed the gunblade with one hand and threw Freesia to the ground.

"I doubt that"

She tried to stand up, but she crumpled to the ground again.

"And now you can join your boyfriend, you really should thank me, after all its polite"

But she could react, he drew down the gunblade...............then extreme pain ripped thought every part of her body................then it faded....................................She felt her eyelids growing heavy.....................finding it hard to her eyes close the figure remained put, a grin fixed permently on his face.............................

She shuffled for her cellphone, pressing whatever number came up. Noone would find her................she needed help.


Freesia took a breathe, trying to stay consious. "R.....Rina"

"Freesia? That you?"


"What? Freesia you ok?"


Everything around her began to