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Character Profile System Information

Name: Amd. Viron Esai Zephiroth

Alias: N/A

Status: Online

Age: 25/400 (Gaia/Terra)

Birthdate: 3020.10.13 SD*

Location: Omega Centre, Terra

Occupation: Neo-Guarde Vigilante (Admiral)

BioMedical Information Race: Aegeon

Species: Roboticus, Technos

Gender: N/A

Blood Type: N/A

Height: 193.04 cm

Weight: 3,500 kg

Eye Color: Teal

Hair Color: Metallic Silver

Immunities: Gravity, Holy, Shadow

Weaknesses: Lightning, Water

Personal Information

Alignment: Neutral Appearance:

View “Yahoo ID Photo” Algorithm: Loading.... ... .... Although extremely intelligent (due to It’s isotronic brain) and often millennia ahead of even the most advanced civilizations, It has been known to have difficulty analyzing and synthesizing even the most basic humanoid concepts (such as laughter). In which It must constantly adapt. In addition, due to Its advanced level It has been programmed to be a neutral entity, and as not to contaminate life-forms, It is somewhat of an introvert. However, this robot is amiable and will not hesitate to assist a life-form in danger or distress.

Background: Loading.... ... .... An Inter-Galactic Class robot (known to have the most advanced technology) designed by the Aegeon Organization known as Neo-Guarde Vigilance to protect, analyze, and catalog all life-forms in existence. In being the most successful robot in Its class, It has earned the highest rank, that of Admiral. Currently Its latest assignment is to explore the largest of galaxies. Having been equipped with the Aegeon’s latest technology enables It to receive constant system and catalog upgrades along with armor modifications as well. This technology also maintains constant contact with the Aegeons over billions of light-years. Although Its main mission is to explore and catalog the universe and its life-forms, It has been designed to defend Itself in any and all means necessary.

rmament Information Primary Weapon: Organics ES8500** Secondary Weapon: Triton QPS350***

Limit Break: “Admiral X” - Somewhat similar to “Omnislash” this Limit Break proceeds with a series of cumulative sword attacks around one opponent. Although, Max-Attack Pwr. is infinite, Attack Pwr. will only increase by increasing the amount of acquired magic and Guardian Force junctications.

Equipment: Loading.... ... ... Contains E.A.C.O.S. (Enhanced Adaptive Cinesthesia Observation System) along with C.I.O.S. (Catalog/Internal Operation Systems) which are located in Its isotronic brain. Theses 2 systems remain in constant synchronization to accomplish this robot’s missions. C.I.O.S. stores all civilizations studied, in their own individual “catalog” which are then permanently stored into this robot’s memory core to be used when the need arises. Higher ranks are rewarded with a more extensive library of catalogs, with the exception of the Admiral who receives all catalogs ever filed and those in the process of being filed. Internal Operation; however, contains the operating systems of this robot, in which It analyzes and catalogs all situations encountered, as well as synthesizes artificial intelligence, allowing the entire system to constantly adapt to Its surroundings. The E.A.C.O.S. allows this robot to enhance any one of Its senses and/or utilities to the level required to analyze/observe life-forms. Nevertheless, the most astonishing technological advancement is the A.C.R.S. (Anti-Matter Capacitor/Replicator System). Located on this robot’s back panel, it possesses unlimited storage and retrieval capabilities. Preprogrammed with technology from all catalogs known to date, this robot is able to gather as well as replicate an unlimited number of preprogrammed items stored in the A.C.R.S. through the process of nanolathing. However, due to laws of physics which cannot be bypassed, all forms of currency, magic, guardian forces, and life-forms cannot be gathered nor extracted into/from the system. In lines of defense, this robot is equipped with T.D.O.S. (Tactical/Defense Operations Systems) which works independently from C.I.O.S. Utilizing memcomposite technology, this robot is able to transport Itself in the same fashion as that of a humanoid (walk, run, etc.). In addition, it is also equipped with S-Class Shields and Trilithium armor. Lastly, there is BetaLink, which utilizes light as a carrier of data, and provides communications with Terra. In synchronization with A.C.R.S., BetaLink is able to provide constant upgrades to the E.A.C.O.S., C.I.O.S., and T.D.O.S.

Communications Transmission Frequency: Viron_Zephiroth (Yahoo ID)

Transmission Coordinates:

*StarDate: The Inter-Galactic unit-measure of Chronology.

**Energy Sword: A sword which contains a handle consisting of a stable base material (Trilithium) that emits a constant pulse of energy which maintains a single shape, (moreover that of a sword). This produces an indestructible blade; however, only one shape can be programmed into such a sword. This particular sword has been programmed as a replica of the legendary “Organics”

***Quantum Plasma Siege: A cannon, which uses a small but powerful beam of electrons, measuring 10 gigajoules + 1.5 trillion Celsius Degrees/Liter. Because of the intense power it can only become stable in an extremely small form and must take at least 45 seconds to recharge. However, most of these cannons have a rapid-fire mode, which allows larger but less powerful energy shells shot at a rapid pace of 1000 rps.