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Name: Umi Ryuuzaki

Age: 19

Height: 5'10"

Hair Color: long sky blue with bangs

Eye color: dark ocean blue

Occupation: advanced transferred SeeD

Birthday: Unknown

Blood type: Unknown

Weight: 125lbs

Weapon: Heavy sword

GF: none given Element: Water

Limit Break: Ocean of Emotion (As rage builds, the limit gets stronger. An ocean expressing her rage appears and drowns the enemy).

Umi is the serious, horrible humored type of girl. Work comes before friends in her life. An extremely advanced SeeD swordswoman who takes on any challenge. Galbadia Garden transferred her to Lunar because of her high SeeD rank and joined Freesia's team. A silent, cold looking girl who puts a wall in front of people so they can't get to know her. But if trouble arises and people ask for help, she finally agrees to helpÉonly if there is battle involved.