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Name: Shikyo Ampiere

Occupation: Thief/Sorceress/Phoenix’s wife

Age: Unknown, possibly 21

Eye color: Emerald green, now with a ring of red around the pupils

Hair: Black

Height: 5’8"

Weight: 140lbs

Date of Birth: Feb. 23rd

Blood type: O

Weapon: Heavy Daggers

GF: Cerberus Element: mainly Demi, Double, Ice

Outfits: Black attire, mostly tank tops and pants. Occasionally seen wearing robes to hide her face and wearing black dresses with slits up to her hips (for fighting purposes).

Limit Break: Evil Darkness-tosses daggers into the air, casts demis on enemies, jumps up into the air and catches her daggers, following up with several dagger attacks. Maho (magic)-Summons ultima and a few special Sorceress tricks.

Past: After Shikyo's mind shattering experience at ten years old, she was never the same. She turned into a thief and lived her life murdering and stealing from others. One day she met up with Phoenix and decided to join Project62. Eventually, Phoenix and Shikyo fell in love and got married. They work as partners in horrible attacks on Lunar Garden and Freesia. Shikyo is a loyal to Phoenix and wishes to kill off anyone who stands in his way. Shikyo cheats in battles and makes people fall to death with special poisoned daggers she carries around. She uses more magic than attacks and is clad in black. She tends to get jealous of other girls and overreacts to jokes. Dark with a mysterious past, Shikyo has an odd curiosity with Rina. Present: Soon after Phoenix turned good and Project62 fell, Shikyo fell into denial and insanity. She is convinced that SeeDs brainwashed Phoenix and he is clueless to his past. Shikyo has a deep hatred for all SeeDs and swears to get Phoenix back, no matter what. In desperation, Shikyo and her comrade Eve jumped Rinoa and drained sorceress powers from her. Now, she is twice as dangerous and lethal than before.