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Name: Rina Aroha

Age: 16 

Height: 5'5"

Hair color: short, choppy brown hair

Eye color: changes all different colors

Occupation: SeeD

B-day: June 9th

Weight: 113lbs

Blood type: B-

Weapon: Fighting gloves and a switchblade

GF: Quetzacotl  Element: Lightning

Limit break: Rumble (Variety of attacks such as punching, kicking and special attacks). Special attacks in Rumble: Eternal Life (Heals all party members), Blood Spilling (Damage on all enemies. Doesn't work on bosses), ESP (Confuses all enemies), No Love (Misleads male enemies and gives off a surprise attack when their defense is low).

Rina is a 2nd highest ranked SeeD and a mediocre fighter. Mother Aroha's older brother, General Caraway, relates Rina to Rinoa Heartilly. Rina has been part of Garden at a preteen age; ever since her sister was missing family life wasn't the same. She may be young but her knowledge is great and tries her hardest. Rina has a good personality and funny sense of humor. She loves to flirt with older guys but if one makes her mad they leave in horrible pain. She constantly has dreams or visions of present day things and can sense people's feelings. With Zell as her instructor, she is a martial arts SeeD and has once had romantic interests with Zell. The couple quickly died off interest when the rule of instructors and students was brought up. With Freesia, and her other friends they make an amazing team. Many problems have arose with Rina and her enemy, her own sister, Shikyo.

Theme song: Nickelback- "Hero" (Its on the Spider-man soundtrack ^^)