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From Dollet Garden.

Watch out for this person. We believe that he has been assigned to Lunar Garden for unknown Reasons As you know, after the fall of Edea lots more Gardens sprung up. however the people that funded them got together and set up many programs to make sure that everything went smoothly in the gardens and they wanted to make sure that nothing happened like what happened with Edea. We have confirmed that one of these programs is called "project 62" Project 62, from what our sources tell us, is an orginization set up to report what is happening in Gardens and in the world. They are to believed to be doing all the dirty work to keep the world at peace. The members of the project, have been accosiated with crimes such as murder, kiddnaping and stealing. They have high clearance to many places. We have only some data on one of the members.


Name: Phoenix

Height: 5'10

Hair color: Redish orange

Eye color: same as hair

Occupation: member of Project 62

B-day: unknown

Weapon: nightstick, pistol

Blood-type: unknown

limit: Controlled Rage

As we stated, we dont know exactly why he is posted at the Lunar Garden, it could be a scouting mission for new talent. the man just known as Phoenix, has a shocking colour hair in a flicked up style. He is usually spotted wearing black trouser and a white shirt with a long grey coat, that drops to his shins. Off duty can usually be found, gambling, in a bar or in a young womans chest. He can be very charming. Be warned, he isnt a nice person though! He has been trained for the project. Maybe a bomb expert or a marksman. we dont know! Dollet out.