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5 years after the sorceress wars, and finally our world rest in peace. Children could finally be children, and us SeeDs could finally live a decent life. All three gardens where repaired, ready for any aftershock that may have occurred. Within these plans was Lunar Garden, a new SeeD garden, built on the Esthar Continent as a peace symbol and means of protection for the people of Esthar who suffered terribly during the war.

To ensure the world stayed peaceful, an organization was created. A counsel which would keep the peace. This counsel was named Project 62. Its members to serve as peacekeepers and protectors of the people, highly intelligent, wise and powerful men......perhaps too powerful.

It was a perfect set of moral on paper and for many years the system seemed to work. But the project has one weakness, The people of the counsel was easily corruptible.

One man changed the counsel, convinced them of his ways and ideas.

His name was Phoenix, a dark and dangerous man. In time he changed the views of many of the counsel. 8 of the 19 members they where simply killed and replaced. Project 62 took advantage of there power. Why keep peace, when there is so much more they could do to benefit themselves?

So from peacekeepers, they changed to murderers, schemers and thieves still living under the fake title of peacekeepers, lying to innocent people who couldn't see past the title.

A lot of people know about the project activities....a lot of people have been hurt in the process.

One of these people..........was Freesia 

and she will doesn't happen again