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Name: Ihorua Toa

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Hair Color: Spiked red hair with blue tips

Eye color: Brown

Occupation: transferred

SeeD Birthday: November 6th

Blood type: AB

Weight: 145lbs

Weapon: Samurai sword

GF: Bahamut Element: Fire

Limit Break: "Rays of Light" (Jumps up into the air as his samurai sword gains power and light. He releases the energy and kills the enemies. All party members are healed).

Ihorua lived in Timber until he joined Balamb Garden at 13. His parents died when he was younger but hid his sorrow by partying with his best friend, Kaln. After his father being killed after rebelling against President Deiling and his mother dying to help defend, Ihorua turned to Garden to become strong like his parents once were. He's a fearsome fighter and tends to get pissed in battle. He was transferred to Lunar Garden by Zell to help on a mission. Although having a punk like attitude and style, he is a charmer to the ladies. He looks like the type not to mess with, but is secretly a riot to be around, sensitive, and falls too easy for gorgeous girls. One girl that he is after is Akima Hunter, he always tends to tag along with her and try his hardest to get a date. He's convinced that someday she will give in.