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Name: Eve Takeshi

Age: 23

Height: 5:4

Hair Colour: Blonde, Long

Eye Colour: Pale Blue

Weapon: Crossbow

Limit Break: Telepathic Nightmare - Reads the victims mind and causes Confusion, Paranoia, Fear and of course extreme pain.

Basic Dress Style: Project 62 uniform or Red ankle length sleveless dress.

Character Background/Personality: A very beautiful and presuading woman. Eve is a bit of a flirt and a thrill seeker. She gets a kick out of risking her life. The dark side of life suited her well, hating the law and order of things. She's a free sprit and will do what she feels like, although she admires Shiyko and usually is on the same brainwave as her. Eve has never disagreeded with Shiyko or Project 62's actions. Her family where convinced she was the devils daughter and threw her from her home when she was 15. Eve has Telepathic abilities. Able to read and play about with a persons mind. Its believed slowly her sanity is drifting but she doesnt seem to care. Its boring to be sane anyway