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Name: Duraken

Age: 27

Height: 6'4

Hair color: (blood) Red

Eye color: green

Blood group: unknown

Occupation: bodyguard or what ever makes money

Weapon: dual fighting scythe's ( Zanderin blades)

Limit break: Cross of Sands Basic dress style: black under shirt, Simi baggy black pants, long gray bandage /scarf that wraps tightly around Him from his neck up to his nose (leaving the full appearance of his face shrouded in mystery) Dual sheaths carried on his back.

Character background/personality: what is known about Duraken is only rumors. Nothing can be 100% confirmed. Although it is known that he was once a solider for the esthar, and while in the service of there armed forces he earned the nickname "Red striker". Its said there are strange brutal looking scars all along his back and ails wear on his body no one knows how they got there, not even him self. What is he doing at lunar? What possible could have taken him to a place like the garden? Who knows? -Personality: Duraken will fallow threw on all tasks no questions asked. He is a consistent capable and thorough fighter. He will compete tasks quickly with the most minimal of damage. He lacks a since of humor and has taken up on sarcasm to shield him self from unwanted friends. Although he may lack conversational skill's he make a great friend and an even greater ally on the battlefield.

Character Theme: Asian/middle Eastern.