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Name:Doyle Ramoiro (I'am morning over Doyle from "Angel" ok! *cries* Carmel xx)

Age: 21

Height: 5.8

Hair Colour: Brown, short

Eye Colour: Brown

Birthday: 29th October

Blood Group: B

Occupation: Med Student, Counsellor and 11th Level SeeD

Weapon: QuarterStaff

Limit Break: "Heart and Soul" Revies dead party members, heals 20% of party members health and casts haste.

Basic Dress Style: Black Jeans, Blue t-shirt (With Manga design on front) and his Lab coat depending what hes doing

Character Background/Personality: Doyle never really came to Lunar to train as a SeeD and although he actually made it to SeeD Level 11 he hasnt taken any exams to up his grade since. His Love has always been Medicine and Counsel. When 16 years old like himself where being taught how to fight he was working alongsides Dr Nerys to find new cures to dieases. Just because he's a lower level SeeD does not mean he's a wimp though. He may not be strong but he knows how to defend himself and a medic in battle is always a useful thing! He makes friends easily but is shy around women and has a very low confidence. Dr Nerys has been counselling him to try and solve this problem. Counselling in a weird way suits him though because he listens to other peoples problems and helps out while disregarding his own problems. He is close friends with Freesia Becker, along with Charlie Foster and Rina Ahora's help they helped her through a long phase of depression after Alex Fosters death and in the end threw freezing cold water onto her so she would get out of bed! Harsh tactics but hey it worked!

Character Theme:Incubus - Drive