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Name: Dator Iustitae

Age: 20

Height: 6'

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Bronze

Birthday: 27th April

Blood Group: AB-

Weapon: Hand-to-Hand

Limit Break: Judgement- Dator uses his scales to weigh out the heart of his opponent. Depending on the outcome, he performs one of four attacks.

Wrath: Moving with blinding speed, Dator rains down a flurry of punches so quick that his fists blaze with fire. He finishes it with a devastating uppercut.

Atonement: Dator latches his hands onto the enemy, draining their own HP and MP until his own is completely full. Retribution: Dator rains fire down from the clouds, the flaming storm pounding random enemies into oblivion

Avatar: Dator's ultimate limit break, Avatar is very rare. It transforms him into the living incarnation of justice for the remainder of the battle, capable of dishing out and taking vast amounts of damage.

Guardian Force: Executioner. A cloaked figure with a great axe, Executioner deals non-elemental damage and sometimes causes death.

Christo Vinear was born the son of an Esthar nobleman and a socialite mother. His parents mistreated him, so he spent most of his time in the Esthar labs. He befriended one of the top scientists, who was also an ardent philosopher, and learned the concepts of justice from him. One day, when his parents were abusing him, he finally decided to fight the unjust behavior. After he hit his father, the man ordered his soldiers to throw him from the walkways of Esthar. He was found badly bleeding, his brain damaged beyond repair by the fall. The scientist brought him from the hospital and built him a new brain, programming in all the concepts of justice he had taught the boy. However, when he released him to the world, he ended up in the hospital again when he picked a fight with a group of criminals. Rather than reprogram him, the scientist restructured his entire body to make him a justice-dispensing machine. However, he knew he would be a danger in the city, so he sent him to the Garden to learn how to survive in society.