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Name: Darret Malkor

Age: 20

Height: 6'0"

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Cybernetic

Birthday: April 27

Blood Group: O+

Occupation: Student

Weapon: Hands (And various cybernetic tools within)

Limit Break: Judgement: A furious combo of cybernetic assaults, which is different every time.

Basic Dress Style: Black body suit with gloves and boots

Character Background/Personality: A cyborg created when his father threw him from a bridge in Esthar, causing his brain and body to sustain fatal damage. The scientist who had been teaching him reconstructed both through cybernetics, imparting on him a deadly robot body and a rigid code of justice that left him as a zealot for good and order, with plenty of power to back it up. He was sent to the Garden to learn control. He is silent and contemplative, with a knack for philosophy, sports, and botany. If he witnesses an unjust act, no matter how small, his programming causes him to go to any lengths to make it right.

Character Theme: Path of Repentance from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack.

Guardian Force: None yet.