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CARMEL BROWN.....yep thats me! ^_^

I play Freesia Becker, Irvine Kinniss (However you spell it) and Headmaster Martine.

Not alot of artwork here, but i have alot needing scanning.

First pic i drew of Freesia. Ok so i copied slightly.....ever so slightly off the pic of Irvine i found in my players guide *Lowers head* Sorry. I like it anyway!!

I orignally drew this, then i scanned it into Photoshop and Lauren showed me a way to colour it in. Using her tutuorial i did. First attempt.....not bad!!

Flicking through my X-Men/Tomb Raider/Witchblade comics i had the idea of making a comic strip. I took the post where Phoenix invades Freesia's dream and trys to scare he by sayings shes Evil...he pretty much succeeded really!