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Name: Calandra Sadiki (Translates in Japenese to Beautiful Believer)

Age: 16

Height: 5.2

Weight: 9 stone

Hair Colour: Brown, shoulder length.

Eye Colour: Blue

Weapon: Nunchaku

Limit Break: Open Book/Dont Press the Button!!/Liska duo.

Basic Character background/Personality: Calandra is one of thoughs girls whos always happy for no real reason. Although she can get annoying at times because shes always hypo!! Everyone says shes took happy pills, but shes just naturally cheerful. She can see the good side to a situation, and never lets anything get to her. Although its hard for her to snap, if someone hurts a person close to her they will know about it, and shes a strong fighter in battle, disregarding any respect for the enemy. Having Calandra around isnt too bad though. She spends most of her time ensuring everyone is happy and cheerful and doesnt like seeing people down or upset. She is always the optimist and raises the spirits of her friends when the chips are down. She hangs around with her childhood friend Liska, who although is like her bestest best friend in the whole wide world has a protective nature around Calandra.