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name: Blake

age: 20

description: looks like trunks from dragon ball z,

weapon: sword, that has strange markings on it

history: he and his family lived in trabia garden, one night his parents were killed by a wandering monster, blake was 8 at the time, he grew up and learned how to fight he wanted to become a SeeD, it took years of training but at the age of 15 he got what he wanted. then walking though the mountains one day he fell through a hole in the ground, he wandered through the hole for hours until he came across a pedestal with a sword lodged in it, blake went up and hauled the sword out. he gazed at it and noticed all the strange markings on it..................blake then began to get used to using a sword in battle after a few more years and missions he became a competant swordsman...and was sent to balamb garden.