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Garden News

Lunar Garden Attacked.

During the final hours of the Celebration dance hosted at Lunar Garden, a SeeD student, Rina Ahora (18) was attacked and kidnapped. Headmaster Martine from Lunar Garden was also shot. These attacks have shaken the world. Authorities have now confirmed that one of the suspects is Shiyko Ampiere, a member of the recently collapsed Project 62. They have a slight description of the second suspect, believed to have attempted to assassinate Martine. This woman has long blonde hair and an unusual shade of blue eyes. It also believed she has a strange and twisted personality. Lunar Garden security and Local Authorities are hard at work to find these suspects and are asking the world to help in there investigations. If anyone see's these people, report them to your local authority or garden immediately.  


A brief word from Deputy Headmaster Daniel

Greetings SeeD's...

As you are aware, events raised at the end of the Celebration Festival which resulted in Headmaster Martine being attacked and SeeD student Rina Ahora kidnapped. This is a sad time for us all. So soon after thinking we where free from Project 62's terror. Yes we believe Project 62 where involved. Despite the collapse, a few members refused to give in. We think some members have begun to rebuild the project. Lunar Garden was a target. Due to the big part we played during the war. We cannot give up though. Our people will be brought back safely. I' am afraid I have to warn you though that its possible the war has not ended. If our student is not returned to us safely then we will retaliate. All four gardens have backed us up on this and are prepared to fight along sides us.

The war is not over.

Lunar Security Lockdown.

At present Lunar Garden is under maximum security after the attempted murder on Headmaster Martine and attacks on students within the garden. Security along Dollet Intelligence is currently investigating. Every single SeeD garden (Including White SeeD) are on highest security level. During this time no-one shall leave the garden grounds without permission from both Deputy Headmaster Daniel and Security Chief Kaln Vandell. Security have issued a couple of guidelines to follow.

  1. Lights out is 10:30pm. Everyone should be in there rooms by this time. As usual all the shops, Library, Training Centre and Facilities on Floor Two are closed. The Infirmary however shall remain open.

  2. Ensure you are armed at all times. We are confident that no-one will pass security but if another attack occurs everyone is ready.

We thank you in advance for your support during this time.