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Name: Alex Zen

Age: 16

Height: 5.9

Hair Colour: Green (Spiking like Goku's from DBZ but green)

Eye Colour:Green

Birthday:Jan 10

Blood Group:A

Occupation:Racer Driver

Weapon:Iron Spear Limit Break:Spear Shot

Basic Dress Style:wears Black Leather jacket with a white T-shirt and has dark blue jeans.

Character Background/Personality:Kidnapped as a young boy but a group of scientists to create a new type of soldier by a unknown Team but at the age of 9 and was rised by the seeD for 7 years and is now one of the top Members there. He never liked to talk much and like to be alone, but that makes it very hard When a girl in seeD has a crush on him and is always following him(she is my 2nd character)