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Full Name: Hunter, Akima

Age: 19

Height: 5'8

Hair Color: Dark brown with red highlights

Eye Color: Dark gray

Weapon: Staff, Magnums

Limit Break: Red Dawn

She sometimes makes strange comments and will speak with a soft Southern lilt when in comfortable company. Her cynicism is often grating, and she tends to be withdrawn, but she often treats student and SeeD alike, as though they are her siblings. It will seem that she makes little or no recognition of authority, equating the highest ranking officers with civilians, but she will follow orders with precision. We have never lost a SeeD under her command. As long as you don't mind being put on the level of an ordinary person, she'll be your best friend. Otherwise, leave her alone and she'll leave you alone. At Antua, she has served both as firearm specialist and an intelligence officer.