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Name:Ivy white



Hair Colour:Purple

Eye Colour:Blue

Birthday: April 14

Blood Group:B


Weapon:Leather Gloves

Limit Break:Combo Attack-a 2 way attack first she run up to them and give them a upper cut and sends them into the Air And then does a round house kick as they are about to land on the ground both attacks Giving medium damage

Basic Dress Style-wears a Yellow shirt and a White vest and has a Green mini Skirt

Character Background/Personality:joined seeD at the age of 13 she loves nature and Animals but she can get upset very easy and get her feeling hurt without much trouble making her Cry sometimes when someone makes fun of her but after one night of being attacked by a pack of wolfs and Alex saved her and from the point on she had a big crush on him and has been trying to impress him any way she could.