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Name:Freesia Becker



Weight: 8 stone

Hair Color:Dark Blue

Eye Color:Brown.

Birthday: 9th April

Blood Group: O+


Limit Break: Sundown - Throws both pistols in the air, charges towards enemy. Does a variety of roundhouse and low kicks then catches pistols and fires. Doe about 2000hp depending on success of kicks. Pistol damage takes off around 700hp

Fallen Angel - Almost identical to Alex's limit break of the same name, but slightly modified.In Alex's case, Freesias sprirt takes over his body and temporaly gives him her skill so he can get perfect hits when firing his gunblade for 4 rounds then it wears off. In Freesia's case, Alex's sprirt takes over her body causing haste and restores a small amount of health.

Last Resort - Not a great idea. If the rest of the team is in trouble, and Freesia is the only one left she will sacrifse herself and revive the others in her party. This means Freesia is physicaly drained and collaspes.

Guardian Force: Gaia/Angels of Hope -Four angels appear from the sky. Cast Fire/Ice/Holy/Lightening

Highest ranking SeeD in Lunar Garden, although she doesnt boast about it. A quiet and shy person. She finds it hard to make friends and to say hows shes feeling. Can be quiet depressed at times, and sometimes snappy. However she is one of the highest achievers in the garden. In battle she is fearsome and argressive, much to the surprise of her collegees. Her skill is weaponery, particulary guns. Pistols are her favorite and her aim is perfect. Freesia can usually be found practicing in the training area. Due to her past she trys not to get too attached to people incase she loses them and gets hurt. Its her only weakness since Alex died. People around her know that talking about him doesnt particularly help. It just brings back bad memories shes trying to forget.Because of his death, Freesia has been living on the hope that she can seek revenge, to the point where she cant control herself in battle. Everyone tells her theres a power inside her, but it frustrates her because she cant find it. Terrified of Phoenix, and Project 62 due to what they did to Alex she doesnt realise shes the one, the only one who can stop him.