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Name: Eiji Kisaragi

Age: 17

Eye: yellow

Hair- brown



Occupation- Mercenary for Project 62

Wpn: Rampage style Juijitsu, Tiger Quan, Crane Quan, Drunken boxing, Full on Krav-Maga( also uses knives)

Personality- cocky and stubborn. He is only working for the project for the money. He hates any form of authority. He has some hidden goodness that he hates to show. Limit Break: Big Dumb Rocket- Eiji pulls out a remote control and begins to type away. Just then, a large missile from the sky falls on the opposing party and causes mass damage. Here are some of the fellow mercenaries: Blake O'shaugnessy- Assault rifle/M/ 25 Elena applegate- akimbo pistols/ F/ 21 Katsuhiro Hoyama- Water magic/M/ 44