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Name- Alexia Cloudkicker

Age- 16

Height- about 5'4"

Hair- Dark brown, almost black Eyes-

Dark hazel w/orange flecks

Weapon- Sword(magic type)

Limit Break- Lighting Slash-

Alexia slashs enemy while sword shoots out bolts of lighting Backgroud/Personality-Alexia grew up moving from Garden to Garden, so she is sort of quiet, and a bit of an introvert, but if you get on her bad side, you will learn that she has quit a mouth on her and has a short fuse. She is a visous fighter and a excellent student who is ahead of most kids her age. Though she doesn't make friends easily, anyone who does become her friend will find that she is very loyal, is a good leader, and mostly trusts in two things, herself and her sword.