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Many people believe that Project 62 was a good organization until Phoenix became the leader.  As a Project agent myself, I was able to find information out on the Project’s past. 


Coterie was the original name of the group now known as Project 62.  It was founded 25 years ago.  It started as a guild for criminals.  Created by Trimer Ros, he pulled together all the criminals in the Dollet area.  He basically placed all the gangs, all the thieves, hitmen, drivers and thugs in the town.  Trimer built an army.  These people used all their skills as one big group and caused Mayhem in the city.  Trimer had put organized crime to a new level.  Terror-crime. 

Coterie had become a Terrorist organization.  However, Trimer was killed by the local law enforcement when he was on a bank raid.  The young Lieto Nourn took over.  She had a vision of the Coterie and started to change the group immediately.  She killed off any adversaries that would challenge her position of power.

Lieto’s Vision

Lieto believed in the words “Knowledge Is Power” – she quoted it a lot.  She believed that you can get far in bank robberies, but you can get further with just information.  If you had spies in high places, then you could get the dirt on managers, companies and politicians.  With this knowledge, you could blackmail people for what you wanted.  Eventually, you got power. 

Lieto’s Coterie caught the eye of “The Higher Circle.”  They decided that they would try to control the group, rather than be controlled themselves.  The actual person that negotiated with Lieto is unknown.  However, we do know that Lieto left Coterie for a position in “The Higher Circle.”  Lieto wasn’t concerned with Coterie, she was concerned with her own future.  The Circle provided with all the power she needed.  She was able to see dealings in everything on the globe. 

With Coterie under the control of the higher circle, radical changes had been made.  The group had come a long way since it’s birth.  It had come from the ashes of burned out criminals and now was a big player in the international crime circuit.  We have gone from small thieves to professionals.  The higher circle saw big potential in us. 

With a new name, Project 62 was changed to a secret organization that dealt with anti-crime.  We were the perfect people to protect the Gardens.  We know every trick in the book.  We were kept happy, by the Project being able to have almost unlimited access to everything.  We were the keepers of knowledge and in return, they would provide the best security in the world.  We spied, killed, lied, stole, and blackmailed.  We did everything that the higher circle needed.  We were the protectors of the gardens…….until the higher circle made a huge mistake. 

Project Phoenix was an experiment in Genetic Cloning.  A group of scientists were assigned to create a protector.  Phoenix was created out of DNA from various people.  The constructed a creature using the best genes around the world.  They used Athletes for speed and strength.  They used genes from famous commanders that were notorious for their intelligence in tactics.  The scientists even used genes from an alien because of its healing abilities. 

After constructing Phoenix, the higher circle planted him in Project 62.  They did whatever they could to make sure that he led the Project.  With a strong leader, it meant that Project 62 would be more efficient.  However this backfired, the Alien genes inside him started to take over.  Phoenix was possessed.  Project 62 became dangerous.  Full of killers and professional criminals, we are the perfect terrorist group.  The higher circle became the world’s biggest threat.  Phoenix nearly killed us all. 

However, Phoenix was defeated.  A young SeeD had defeated him.  Freesia Becker was her name.  However, he wasn’t killed.  The entity that possessed him had left his body.  Freesia took him with her and helped him back to health.  He is now under observation in Lunar Garden. 

After Phoenix’s departure from Project 62, things went downhill.  The higher circle was right about a strong leader.  We were beaten time after time.  Our headquarters were stormed and taken over.  We were defeated…..

However, Project 62 isn’t gone.  We want to go back to how were were before Phoenix went crazy.  We are still the best security forces on the planet.  Nobody knows how good we are at our jobs.  We would die to protect the higher circle.  There are secrets in the world that must stay secret from the common man. 

We want our leader back……

We want Phoenix……

We will have him again, at all costs

That isn't a threat Martine……I know you are reading this……

.......We will get him!